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        Welcome on official website of Foundation !

         The EDUCARE et SERVIRE is the non - governmental organization of the non the profit type (the activity is not set on profit, but on realization of aims for which foundation came into being). Another name which becomes more and more popular is NGO (international definition for a non - governmental organization, which is short for English NGO). These organizations tend to be defined as voluntary, because their activity is to a large extent based on voluntary service.

         The balanced development of our Region is due to the actions of different individuals and organizations, which are familiar with the idea of the cooperation in favour of common wealth which is our City and Region, its current state, visions of development and horizontal aims.

         The economic growth of our region seems to be one of the superior aims of biased action. It can be obtained through constant support of the local enterprise, its activation as well as creating the conditions of development for new undertakings. The ability to use the existing infrastructure through its modernizing and restoring to functionality is simultaneously a very important element of such activity.

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